who i am (here)

I’m Cory Brunsonhe/him/his, and this is a lightweight space for me to practice expressing my outlook on matters at least peripherally professional. I completed a PhD in mathematics in 2013, and i’m now a postdoctoral fellow training myself in network analysis, data science, and health informatics. I’m an enthusiast for the extended tidyverse library, and i’m exploring new techniques and applications of topological data analysis.

My under-developed professional website uses the highly-developed hugo-academic theme. You can also find me at the Center for Quantitative Medicine or at the links in the footer.1

what and how i blog

My schedule and content may evolve, but my goal at the outset is to post fortnightly or so on, or in the vicinity of, four categories: professional development, research progress, methodological technique, and personal curiosity. I want to use this space to express ideas that are messy and incomplete; i’ll strive both to read others as charitably as reasonable and to write with the expectation that others will do the same.

I haven’t incorporated comments, but feel free to send me feedback via email or social media!

just for fun

  • My Erdős number is 3.
  • My Bacon number is 3.

  1. Thanks to Zack Guo for the nofancy Hugo theme.